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Frequently Asked Questions

American Medical Surplus is known as the number one source to sell extra diabetic supplies because it's safe and secure. We offer the best price for your unused extra diabetic supplies.
We purchase most of the well-known brands. Everything that we purchase is shown on our website.
Diabetic test strips can be costly; selling them allows you to recoup some of your investment. You not only get paid, but you also make supplies available to diabetics who might not have been able to afford them.
Yes, you can, just visit our Sell Now page, select the products you want to sell, and add the quantity to your order.
Once you complete your order, you are able to request your payment method from the drop down menu.
Your payment options are CashApp, Zelle, Apple Pay, Bank wire, or a check. The payment options that are available are based on your orders overall total.
American Medical Surplus doesn’t purchase any expired diabetic test strips.
You can sell as many boxes as you want.
You can sell in three simple steps: Step 1 – First, go online and submit an order. Go to the “Sell Now” page and enter the products that you want to send to us. From there, you click the basket in the bottom right corner of the screen, and it will take you to the checkout process. It is quick and easy. Step 2 - Ship Your Package. When completing your order, you will be asked how you want to be paid and how you want to receive your label. We will fulfill your label request based on what you select, then you get the label and put it on your package and send it out! Step 3 - Get Paid! Once the package arrives in our facility, it is checked in by one of our employees. After confirming that everything meets the requirements shown on the website, and matches the invoice, we will submit it for payment! Payment is sent on the same day as delivery!
It depends on the product; you can find that information by clicking on the photo of the product you want to sell.
Our customer services number is 570-600-5040 and we are available Tuesday through Friday, 9:30am – 5pm EST.
You can sell the unused diabetic test strips to American Medical Surplus and get paid for them.
Yes, you can. We purchase a few different types of lancets, all are shown on our website.