Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Want To Sell Diabetic Test Strips? Here Are 5 Ways To Get The Best Price


Sell Diabetic Test Strips

If you have diabetes, you know the importance of regularly checking your blood sugar levels. And if you use disposable test strips to do so, you know just how expensive they can be. One way to save money on diabetic test strips is by buying them in bulk and then reselling the extra ones that are left unused. You get them at a lesser price if you buy them in bulk. And by reselling the unused diabetic test strips, you will get some money back, increasing your savings.

While selling diabetic test strips is popular, you may not get a great price if you don’t do it correctly. Here are five ways to sell test strips for cash and get the best price for them.

5 Tips To Sell Diabetic Test Strips At The Best Price

1. Avoid Damaging Your Diabetic Test Strips

This is something that happens with almost everyone. Boxes of test strips get damaged due to humidity or moisture. If you try to sell damaged diabetic test strips for cash, most companies will reject that box, and even you won’t be able to use it.

Store the test strips in sealed containers. Keep them at room temperature along with the glucose meter. Do not refrigerate the test strips. Keep them away from direct sunlight and humidity as well. Extreme temperatures will damage the test strips. Keep test strips within the sealed vial.

2. Never Sell Used Diabetic Test Strips

No company buys used diabetic test strips. You can read this clearly in their respective websites’ terms and conditions section. The whole concept of purchasing test strips is to provide them to other diabetic people who cannot afford to buy the strips firsthand.

Used diabetic test strips are of no use to anyone. So buying them from you is of no use to the companies.

3. Do Not Let Your Diabetic Test Strips Expire

For example, most buyers of diabetic test strips, like American Medical Surplus, purchase them with about 12 months left before they expire. Check whether your current strip’s expiration date has passed or not in this case because the higher up from there you go, the better!

One way to avoid this is by buying the latest batch of diabetic test strips. You can also estimate the average number of test strips you’ll use before the expiry dates of each and sell the rest in advance. Keep a few extras just in case you may have miscalculated. This way, you won’t have to worry about the expiration of those strips.

4. Check For Your Brand

It’s important always to make sure you are selling the genuine brands of all diabetic test strips, as not everyone will accept other kinds.

Always check the websites of companies you plan to sell diabetic test strips for the list of brands of diabetic test strips they buy.

5. Pay Attention To The Process Of Storing Your Strips

If you want the best price when you sell diabetic test strips for cash, they must be stored properly. The wrong place can damage or ruin these valuable items and reduce their value at some point down the line, so don’t forget where you put them!

Keep the strips stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and in their sealed vial.

Why Do People Sell Diabetic Test Strips
Many people who have medical insurances receive diabetic test strips for free or at cheaper rates. They even receive much more than they need. In contrast, others who don’t have medical insurance to cover the costs of diabetic strips have to buy them at expensive rates.

When people sell diabetic test strips for cash to companies like American Medical Surplus, they earn some money. As a result, those who can’t afford these test trips can purchase good quality tests at affordable and cheaper prices.

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