diabetes test strips

Why Sell Your Excess Diabetes Test Strips


diabetes test strips

Blood glucose test strips (diabetes test strips) are a critical part of blood glucose testing.

These little expendable pieces of plastic might look immaterial, yet it plays a vital role in assisting  individuals with diabetes to screen and control their diabetes.

Let’s understand how test strips work.

When blood is placed onto the test strip, it reacts with a chemical named glucose oxidase producing gluconic acid from the glucose in the blood. At the endpoint of the test strip, the meter transmits a current to the test strip. The test strip has electric terminals which permit the meter to quantify the flow between the terminals.

The interaction between the terminals changes relying upon the degree of gluconic corrosiveness that has been created. The blood glucose meter then, at that point, utilizes a calculation to sort out the blood glucose level in view of the distinction in current.

Blood glucose test strips assume a vital part in assisting you with observing your day-to-day blood glucose level and giving your primary care physician the information to change your drug to control your diabetes side effects.

Without the assistance from these little strips, your diabetes experience can turn out to be significantly more tumultuous.

Diabetes test strips are not inexpensive

Like anything having to do with medication and wellbeing, diabetic testing supplies are not inexpensive. At retail, they cost about $1 or more per strip. A recent report, distributed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), reasoned that test strips represent about a fourth of all drug store costs for diabetes patients.

One justification for that would be that trying supplies are evaluated likewise as professionally prescribed drugs. The producer sets an exceptionally high rundown cost, then, at that point, offers critical limits and discounts all through the interaction, which considerably brings down the expenses for purchasers with great protection.

Diabetes patients who pay for their provisions find they can get some additional money by selling them. Although, it could adversely influence their well-being since they aren’t testing as frequently as they are meant to. The centerman can add a decent increase and offer the unused strips to a patient without protection, who will still pay less than at the corner drug store.

Why you should sell excess diabetes test strips

If you extra diabetic supplies this will help people who cannot afford them – There are many people out there who are suffering from diabetes and are unable to take proper treatment as they cannot afford the medicines and diabetes strips. Just because they can’t afford the strips and medicines, they end up losing their lives. If you sell your excess or leftover at a low price as compared to the drug store this would really help the needy.

You Can Earn Your Money Back for Strips Which You Have Not Used – It gets frustrating to throw away the stuff that we have not used. And when it comes to medicines or diabetic test strips, these have expiry dates; And if there is a situation where you have to throw away these strips it’s not just a loss of money but it’s also wasting the strips. So, if you sell your excess strips, you can earn money, and it will be available for the needy. All in all, everything will be sorted.

Now that we have shared a few reasons why you should extra diabetic supplies. You might think that is it illegal to sell diabetes strips.

Let us clear your doubt. It’s absolutely legal to sell diabetic test strips because they can be OTC (over the counter) at any pharmacy or store. So, selling diabetes strips is considered legal.

But if you sell the diabetes strips when they are opened or expired, selling them will be considered illegal.

Make sure before selling them, that it’s properly packed and it’s not expired. As this can be illegal, and at the same time it is dangerous if someone uses just strips.


There is no harm in selling your excess diabetes, we have mentioned the reasons along with the benefits of selling diabetes and when it is legal and when it’s illegal.

If you want to contribute some of your help to diabetic patients, you can help them out by taking necessary measures. If you take care of these measures, you can contribute to this noble cause.

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