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5 Key Things To Look For Before Buying A Blood Glucose Meter


If you have diabetes, it’s essential to have a blood glucose meter to help you keep track of your blood sugar levels. But with so many different meters on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? It is also essential to get the good ones if you are looking to sell diabetic supplies for cash. …

Diabetes Management

5 Tips For Improving Diabetes Management at Home


If you have diabetes, it’s essential to keep your blood sugar within a healthy range. In addition, the commitment to incorporate self-care behaviors as part of the daily routine makes diabetes management more than just a strategic plan. You can also get more cash for test strips if you have a proper plan. While highs and lows are normal, it’s …

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Diabetes: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


Diabetes is one such condition that can happen to almost anybody. And after you start dropping blood sugar levels, it is really hard to get it back on track where you are far away from any kind of threat and worry! But what exactly causes this worrisome condition? What are the initial symptoms? Can it be avoided? Well, let’s answer …

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Did You Know That It’s Completely Safe To Take Cash For Test Strips?


No, it’s not illegal to take cash for test strips. But there are some strips that can’t be sold…. Which Test Strips Are Illegal To Sell? You can get cash for test strips but there are some that you cannot sell. Let’s take a look at which test strips you cannot involve in any kind of transaction. You cannot sell …

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How To Test Diabetes At Home With Blood Glucose Test Strips?


A home blood glucose test is an affordable and safe way for individuals to check for diabetes before it  causes issues. This is helpful, as diabetes doesn’t generally show indications, particularly in the beginning phases. It is a safe and affordable way for people to check for diabetes before it causes problems. This is useful, as diabetes does not always cause …