Diabetic supplies you can easily sell

7 Diabetic Supplies That You Can Easily Sell


Diabetic supplies you can easily sell

Diabetes supplies have incredible resale value. The resale prices vary from $10 to as high as $100. And if you are interested in selling your diabetes supplies, this is the right time.

Not only do you get an opportunity to earn a quick income, but also a chance to help others in need. For people who are unable to afford diabetes supplies at retail price, resold test strips are their only option for ensuring their health.

But before you proceed, here are a few simple tips:

  • Be sure that the strips are unused
  • Ensure that they have NDC codes
  • Be sure supplies are in like-new condition
  • Ensure you are at least 18 years of age

So, you’ve finally decided to sell diabetic supplies, but is your medical test strip sellable? And if it is sellable, how much is it worth? Here’s everything that you need to know:

So, you’ve finally decided to sell diabetic supplies, but is your medical test strip sellable? And if it is sellable, how much is it worth? Here’s everything that you need to know:

1. Accu check

With an accuracy rate of over 98%, Accu check test strips remain one of the most popular diabetes test strips. And if you have these at your convenience, then you can make decent money out of it.

Accu check Aviva plus, Accu check compact, Accu check lancets, Accu check Guide, Accu check multiclix lancets, and Accu check Smartview are a few of the most popular offerings from the brand. And hence, they remain some of the easiest and most profitable resellable diabetes test strips.

Note: There should be a yellow stripe around the box, and before shipping, the boxes should be packed carefully. This will help ensure no glitches in the selling process.

2. Contour

With an accuracy rate as high as 100%, Contour test strips have been one of the market leaders for a very long time.

With features like no coding technology, 0.6 µL blood sample, a countdown of 5 seconds, and technology to prevent wastage of tests by applying more blood, these strips are an ideal choice.

If you have Bayer microlet lancets, Contour next, Contour next retail, or Contour count, then rest assured that you are able to make excellent money on them.

They can be sold from $1 to as high as $50. Be sure that all the products are in mint condition, have a good range of buying dates (9 months+), and are shipped in a box.

3. Dexcom

Widely popular for its accurate results, Dexcom can yield the highest return for you if you possess them in ideal condition.

Be sure the expiration date is as distant as possible. The more distant the expiration date, the higher you get paid. This can vary from $20 to $100 for Dexcom G5 sensor 4CT.

4. Freestyle

The accuracy rate of 96% is amongst the highest in the market. And hence, it is widely popular with diabetes patients.

Ensure that the item is shipped in a box and has a far-off expiration date for the maximum price.

5. Medtronic

Sell your Medtronic Sure-T Paradigm and Quick-set Paradigm at the best price with a 12-month or longer extended expiration date and thus buying period.

The selling price is extremely competitive if the supplies are in mint condition boxes.

6. Onetouch

Always a trendsetter in the diabetes medication market, Onetouch supplies can yield high-above the market rate if they are in good condition and have a distant expiration date.

Even in the case of damaged products, they can often still be accepted at half price. Nothing gets better than this, right?

Ensure that the expiration date is clearly visible on the back of the box and the seal remains intact.

7. Omnipod

Again a high return-yielding medical supply. Be it Omnipod dashbox, Omnipod 5, Omnipod 10, or Omnipod Dash PDM, all of them are capable of giving you a great return.

Again, the only condition is the quality of the product and longer expiration validity. If these two criteria are met, you can rest assured that you will reap an excellent return!

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