How to Turn Your Unused Diabetes Test Strips into Cash


With the high cost of diabetic testing supplies, many diabetics end up with surplus unused test strips. This often happens when insurance providers limit the quantity covered, or when a doctor prescribes more than are needed. 

Whatever the reason, most people are unaware that their unused strips can be turned into cash. This article provides a step-by-step guide to selling your surplus diabetic test strips safely and legally.

Why Are Diabetes Test Strips Important?

Diabetes requires consistent testing and monitoring of blood glucose levels. To do so, diabetics use test strips that are inserted into a glucometer device. These test strips are costly, and insurance providers often limit the number they will cover. This leads many diabetics to have extra boxes of unopened, unexpired test strips

Many uninsured diabetics struggle to afford sufficient test strips for their needs. This presents an opportunity for those with surplus boxes to sell them and make a bit of money, while also helping fellow diabetics get the supplies they require. The key is to find a reliable buyer and go through the proper channels to ensure it is legal and safe.

Why Sell Your Unused Test Strips?

Selling your extra unneeded diabetic test strips is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Expiration dates – Test strips can expire in as little as 6 months. Once expired, they must be discarded. Selling them prior to expiration means you earn some cash instead of throwing them away.
  • Help others – By selling to reputable buyers, you ensure your surplus supplies get into the hands of diabetics who need them at discounted prices they can afford. This creates a win-win situation.
  • Environmental benefits – Properly disposing of medical waste has environmental impacts. Selling extra supplies reduces unnecessary waste.
  • Financial incentive – The proceeds from selling unused test strips provide monetary benefits that offset your own costs. While not a massive income stream, every little bit helps.

Step-by-Step Checklist for Selling Unused Diabetes Test Strips

Follow this checklist for safely and easily selling your surplus diabetic testing supplies:

Determining Eligibility of Test Strips

  • Check expiration date – Test strips must have at least 6 months prior to expiration, but 12 months is preferable. Expired strips have no value.
  • Ensure unopened, undamaged box – Buyers will only accept supplies in original sealed, untampered packaging.
  • Verify acceptable brand – There are over 50 brands of test strips. Check the buyer’s website for brands they accept.

Pricing and Valuation

  • Understand market demand – Popular brands fetch higher prices based on demand. Know what brands are most sought after.
  • Check current purchase prices – Buyers like American Medical Surplus list the brands they buy and the purchase price. This provides the valuation.
  • Determine overall value – For large quantities, multiply the number of boxes by the list price to determine the total value.

Packing and Shipping 

  • Safely pack strips – Pack strips tightly in a sturdy box to prevent damage in transit. Seal securely.
  • Include sales form – Most buyers require you to fill out a form detailing the sale. Include this in the box.
  • Use trackable shipping – Ship via a traceable method like UPS or USPS Priority Mail to ensure delivery.

Receiving Payment

  • Select payment method – Choose check, PayPal, or other available payment options provided by the buyer.
  • Provide payment details – Clearly indicate where payment should be sent, whether bank account, mailing address, or PayPal.
  • Wait for confirmation – It may take up to two weeks to receive payment after the buyer verifies and processes.

Tips and Best Practices for Selling

Follow these tips to maximize your returns when selling test strips:

  • Store in a cool, dry place to maintain integrity prior to sale.
  • Sell larger quantities at once to qualify for bulk pricing.  
  • Maintain open communication with the buyer throughout the process.
  • Carefully read and understand the buyer’s terms and conditions before finalizing any sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it legal to sell my unused test strips?

A: Yes, it’s legal to sell unused test strips you obtained legally and not through insurance coverage. However, check your insurance policy.

Q: How do I know if my test strips are in condition to be sold? 

A: They must be unopened in the original box, not tampered with or damaged, and have ample time prior to expiration – at least 6 months or more.

Q: How much can I earn from selling my test strips?

A: It depends on the brand, quantity, and current demand, but expect $10 to $20 per unopened box. Popular brands like OneTouch may fetch up to $40 a box.

Q: What happens if my strips are unacceptable upon receipt? 

A: Reputable buyers like American Medical Surplus will either return them to you or dispose of them properly. Check policies.

Q: Are there brands that fetch higher prices?

A: Yes. OneTouch, Freestyle, and Contour Next are typically the most sought after and command higher prices.

Turn Your Diabetes Test Strips into Cash

Selling your unused diabetes test strips is a great way to earn a bit of extra money while also disposing of surplus supplies responsibly. Just be sure to use a reputable buyer, take time to package supplies properly, and follow all terms, conditions, and legalities. The small effort can give both you and other diabetics in need a big benefit.

If you have unneeded diabetic test strips, visit American Medical Surplus today to get a free quote and turn those unused supplies into cash.