Type 2 Diabetes: Myths And Misconceptions


In the U.S., an estimated 30 million people have type 2 diabetes. Additionally, there are damages that a human body does to the diabetic condition. And while this is a severe disease, several myths surround diabetes. For example, is diabetes caused only due to consuming an excessive amount of sugar? Or can you sell unused diabetic supplies? Let’s unmask 6 …

Diabetic Supplies

7 Common Medications That Affect Blood Sugar


With so many medications to treat health conditions like high blood pressure and depression, we often ignore how they affect our body. Those with diabetes (and people who are taking prescription medications) need to tell their doctor about any OTC supplements or vitamins they take. These can affect your glucose levels alcohol-based products often do too. Just as people with …

Unused Diabetic Supplies

What To Do With Unused Diabetic Supplies?


If you have diabetes, then this is something you must have wondered a lot about. Buying diabetic supplies in bulk can help save money on expensive supplies. But there are also chances that you might end up with a lot of extras on hand, which won’t be able to be used before they expire. And this will mean that you …

sell unused diabetic supplies

5 Key Things To Look For Before Buying A Blood Glucose Meter


If you have diabetes, it’s essential to have a blood glucose meter to help you keep track of your blood sugar levels. But with so many different meters on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? It is also essential to get the good ones if you are looking to sell diabetic supplies for cash. …

Diabetes Management

5 Tips For Improving Diabetes Management at Home


If you have diabetes, it’s essential to keep your blood sugar within a healthy range. In addition, the commitment to incorporate self-care behaviors as part of the daily routine makes diabetes management more than just a strategic plan. You can also get more cash for test strips if you have a proper plan. While highs and lows are normal, it’s …