Cash for Diabetic Test Strips: Selling Your Unopened Supplies


Have you ever experienced that sudden, gnawing sensation when you can’t find something you need right now in your kitchen drawer? You know it was there yesterday, but it simply disappeared in a sea of clutter.

It starts with a mild annoyance but quickly evolves into overwhelming frustration. Your once-trusted drawer, which promised efficiency, now mirrors chaos. The mishmash of tangled ladles, forgotten tools and stray rubber bands makes the clutter no longer tolerable. 

As your exasperation peaks you feel a spark of determination. You see a new world order where every precious item has a home. Mixing those sprinkles of irritation and dashes of hope, you know today is the day to declutter, re-organize and reclaim your kitchen.

As you dive into your new project, you find several unopened boxes of diabetic test strips. You may have switched recently or perhaps purchased more than you can use. But before you push them to the back in the drawer, you remember those test strips are like mini gold bars waiting to be cashed in.

Why Would Anyone Buy Your Unused Strips?

Diabetes test strips are a lifeline for many. With the relentless rise in healthcare costs, not everyone can afford these strips at market prices. Some people are always on the lookout for affordable, yet reliable supplies. Your surplus can be their treasure.

Here’s why selling is a win-win:

  • Decluttering: Who doesn’t enjoy a good declutter session? It frees up space and makes you feel more organized.
  • Doing Good: By selling your unused strips, you’re ensuring they go to someone who genuinely needs them.
  • Extra Cash: Your unused strips transform into unexpected pocket money. A little treat for you or your loved ones, perhaps?

Your Guide to Transforming Strips into Cash

Here’s a step-by-step guide to turn those strips into some handy dollar bills:

Check Their Eligibility

  • Expiry Dates: Start by checking their shelf life. Good for several months? Perfect!
  • Packaging: Only unopened, undamaged boxes are eligible. If it looks pristine, you’re onto a winner.
  • Brands Matter: Certain brands are more sought after due to their reliability. Check platforms like American Medical Surplus for the most coveted ones.

Get the Best Price

  • Research: A simple online search or a visit to American Medical Surplus can provide a ballpark figure.
  • Be Fair: It might be tempting to overprice, but remember, the goal is to find them a new home and make some cash in the process.

Safely Ship Your Strips

  • Pack with Care: Imagine you’re packing a fragile ornament. Cushion the boxes to avoid any damage.
  • Provide All Details: If you’re working with a company, they may need specific information. Always include that.
  • Stay Informed: Using tracked shipping is the best way to keep you and the buyer informed on the package’s whereabouts.

Get Ready for Your Cash

  • How Would You Like It?: Options like checks or digital transfers are often available.
  • Stay In Touch: Keep the communication lines open with the buyer, just in case.

FAQ: Clearing Any Clouds of Doubt

Q: Selling diabetic test strips… Is it even legal?

A: You bet! As long as they weren’t acquired through insurance and you got them legally, you’re set.

Q: How do I make sure my strips are in top condition for selling?

A: They should be sealed in their original box, not nearing expiry, and free from damage. For more specific guidelines, a quick check with the buyer usually helps.

Q: How much green can I expect for my strips?

A: Several factors play a role, like brand, demand, and how many you have. You can often get a quick estimate from websites like American Medical Surplus.

Q: I’ve sent them off. How long before the cash rolls in?

A: Once the strips are checked and everything looks good, most buyers process payments quickly. Depending on your chosen method, you could see your cash in a few days to a week.

Q: Are there specific brands that fetch more cash?

A: Yes, indeed! Some brands are favored due to their precision and ease of use. Websites like American Medical Surplus often have a list of preferred brands.

Clean Really Can Bring You Green

We all love pleasant surprises. Discovering that your unused diabetes test strips can become a source of extra cash? 

That’s a delightful revelation. Not only do you get to free up space and declutter, but you’re also playing a vital role in helping someone manage their health affordably. 

The next time you stumble upon a box of unused test strips, remember they’re more than just a forgotten purchase. They are potential dollar bills and a chance to make someone’s day a little easier. Dive into that drawer, gather those boxes, and watch as they transform into cash.

*Got a stash? Why wait? 

Dive into the world of selling diabetic test strips and treat yourself with the extra money. Remember, in this journey, you’re not just a seller; you’re a lifesaver!

If you have unneeded diabetic test strips, visit American Medical Surplus today to get a free quote and turn those unused supplies into cash.