Diabetic Medication

6 Tips To Manage Diabetic Medication Costs


Diabetic Medication

Diabetes can add up. You’ll find that some of your expenses are covered by insurance. In contrast, others may not be easy to afford regularly without supplementing with savings. Or other methods for funding care-related costs like medication purchases outright instead of paying monthly deductibles, which could total thousands every year if you don’t have any medical plan.

The good news? There are always ways around these problems. Whether through finding more cost-effective treatments via online shopping websites or selling test strips for cash. Here are 6 ways to manage diabetic medication costs.

1. Purchase Supplies & Healthy Foods In Bulk

Buying diabetes supplies like blood glucose test strips from online wholesalers may be less expensive than buying smaller quantities as needed. If you purchase in bulk, keep an eye on expiration dates and ensure the package has not been tampered with by third parties (i.e., not the manufacturer). Read reviews carefully and always check for the authenticity of the packaging. You can sell your diabetic supplies along with test strips for cash and earn money back.

As a way to keep your blood sugar in check, buying foods from bulk stores like Costco and online retailers like Amazon makes them more affordable. Some low-carb favorites that will help you stay healthy include chia seeds or broccoli rice with turkey zucchini burgers mixed in! Berries can also be an excellent option for those on the go.

2. Compare Pharmacies

If you’re not using insurance, it is essential to find the lowest prices on medications. Different pharmacies have different prices for medicine, so the one you visit might not offer a good deal. For example, 60 tablets of metformin purchased through Costco cost different as compared to CVS.

To find out if you’re getting a good deal for your medications, try checking online with sites like GoodRx or WellRX and LowestMed to see where you can get it at the cheapest.

3. Join A Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are essential for testing in-development or approved drugs and devices. In addition, joining a clinical trial can allow you to receive free care, depending on the study.

The diaTribe tool that considers condition location age will help match people up with studies they’re most likely to qualify for it. Always consult with your doctor about joining any medical research before deciding by yourself.

4. Consider Generic Drugs

One of the great benefits of generics is that they can be much cheaper. So you might find yourself paying hundreds less in cash for your prescription. And if you use insurance, there’s no copay because it’s considered a generic drug.

That being said- switching from name-brand medication altogether may not always work out well, so make sure to ask around before making decisions with this type of thing happening on top of everything else.

5. Use A Combination Medication

There are many combinations of medications you consume. This is because the two types can serve as substitutes for one another, saving you money in the long run!

Like with generic drugs and other substitutions we make on our behalf, it’s essential to research before deciding what prescriptions should look like moving forward, including consideration towards combo meds.

6. Re-Sell Your Diabetic Supplies

This is a way you can earn some money that you spent on your diabetic supplies. You can sell your diabetic supplies and blood glucose test strips for cash to companies like American Medical Surplus.

If you have bought the supplies in bulk, you must have gotten a heavy discount. So now, when you re-sell the unused diabetic supplies, mainly test strips for cash, you’ll fetch a reasonable price for them.