Unused Diabetic Supplies

6 Tips To Avoid Common Mistakes While Buying & Storing Diabetic Supplies


In the United States, nearly twenty-eight million people have been diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes is a lifelong disease that can cause blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, and stroke. Therefore, people who have diabetes must have the correct supplies to manage their conditions properly. Storing diabetic supplies can be a tricky business for many reasons. Buying diabetic supplies when it comes …

Type 2 diabetic: myths and misconceptions

Type 2 Diabetes: Myths And Misconceptions


In the U.S., an estimated 30 million people have type 2 diabetes. Additionally, there are damages that a human body does to the diabetic condition. And while this is a severe disease, several myths surround diabetes. For example, is diabetes caused only due to consuming an excessive amount of sugar? Or can you sell extra diabetic test strips? Let’s unmask …